Shree Venkateshwar Devasthanam: A south Indian Hindu temple in Delhi in the image of Tirupati Balaji

A temple or a mandir has been the most ancient existence. It is an abode for gods and goddesses. It is here that they manifest their existence for their devotees. Its sacred and miraculous environment is the main attraction for all the visitors. Thousands and millions of devotees align their devotion to these religious places and visit these temples for the following reasons:

· The reverence is paid in the form of Parikrama and Arti, which releases mental and physical stress.

· The mixed crowd of people visiting these temples of west Delhi share knowledge, getting a chance to enlighten their minds.

· Devotees come to pay their devotion to this lord tirupati temples from different areas as the environment is apt for meditation and securing the needed mental peace.

· The holy chants uttered by the priests shower peace in one’s mind and body. 

Though there are numerous Sanatan Dharm temples in India, the Hindu temples in Delhi are the most known ones. These temples are attributed with the best architecture and calling them modern temples would be no wonder. One gets the chance to see different mandirs in Delhi. The list includes Hindu temples, temples near Sai Baba , Jain temples, and many others. A recent addition to this list has been that of Shree Venkateshwar Devasthanam. This is a south Indian hindu temple, which has been constructed on an inspiration derived from the world-wide famous Tirupati Balaji Temple in Delhi. Tirupati Balaji Mandir in Delhi is considered to be the most famous South Indian pilgrimage. This temple is dedicated to lord Vishnu or Venkateshwar, and here one can witness the practice of contemporary Hinduism.

Shree Venkateshwar Devasthanam temple is situated at Najafgarh, in the south-west district of Delhi. Its architecture follows the Dravidian style. And not only does its exterior matches the south Indian temples but also the rituals practiced here are the same as you will find in any of the famous southern Hindu temples. Before constructing this temple, proper Vastu Shastra directions have been taken from Mr. Suresh (expert on Vastu Shastra), so that the positive energies reside in the temple premises. The idols of all deities are made up of granite, a hard stone also known as “Krishnashila”. This stone has been obtained from a village in Tamil Nadu. Besides the main idol of lord Balaji, there have also been founded the deities of goddess Padmawati, goddess Bhoodevi, lord Garud and lord Hanuman. All of them have been decked up with fine silk clothes and ornaments as beautifully as the deities of any south Indian temple exist.

The atmosphere of this Modern Hindu temple in Delhi pours peaceful blessings on all its visitors and provides them with the peace of mind they need. One can visit the premises at the given times however the sanctum remains available only on Tuesdays and Saturdays. You can mark your Hindu calendar as well for better remembrance. For more details, one can visit the website, which has all the helpful information on the temple. If you want to become a member of our Temple community, you can visit our donation page on our website.


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