About Temple


About the Temple

Balaji Devasthanam, a modern Hindu temple or to be precise an abode of Lord Vishnu, has been founded in Najafgarh, the southwest district of New Delhi. The foundation stone of this Hindu temple in Delhi was laid by Dolly Mai on 5th February 2022. She inaugurated this mandir on 21st August 2022 along with her associates namely Laxmi Narayan Tripathi, Radha maa, Meera Guru, Bhawani maa, and others.

As is the tradition in south Indian Temples, the wake-up prayer to Sri Venkateswara is offered by the priests; before awakening the presiding deity inside the sanctum sanctorum.

Daily Schedule of the mandir

The first prayer of the day to the gods is offered by the priests.  The visiting hours for the devotees are:

  • 6:00 am to 10:00 am
  • 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

However, the Sanctum of this lord Tirupati temple in Delhi remains open to the public only on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The special puja ritual known as “Abhishekam” can only be performed on Fridays.

Temple Architecture

This Hindu temple in Delhi is situated on a plot measuring 30/60 feet (lxb). The foyer that connects the temple’s entrance with its interior has a dimension of 30/60 feet (lxb). The ground floor of the building is kept completely open, and the temple is constructed on the first floor without any basement due to the plot’s small size.

The Lord Tirupati Balaji has been constructed in the image of Tirupati Bala mandir and has an imprint of Dravidian Architecture. Dolly Mai has a fascination with Dravidian Architecture and deities from South India, especially, Lord Venkateshwara. She explored and got impressed with the splendour of the architecture and secrets of Balaji temple.

Mr. Suresh who is an expert on Vastu Shastra has guided on Vastu of the temple. (Vastu Shastra- an inquisitive science of architecture that encapsulates the forces which act upon a given space through the flow of positive energy).

The modern temple of West Delhi is elevated two feet above ground level. On one side of the temple, there is a private residence, whereas the other open side has a gaushala (cow’s abode) measuring 12’/12′ which has three cows. The temple has an alley at the back side and stairs on both sides.

For longevity and strength, bricks and Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) have been used for constructing this modern temple of Balaji. The granite stone has been primarily used for the floor to beautify the temple.

Goddess Padmawati, Goddess Bhoodevi, Lord Garud, and Lord Hanuman have also been founded besides Lord Balaji Maharaj.

The abode for the splendid Sanctorum of all the deities is made in a square with different measurements. The height of the Santorum for Lord Balaji is 8/8 feet. The lord’s idol stands facing eastwards and has been crafted to measure 4.25 feet and the height of the dome above it is 9 feet. The halls of goddess Padmavati and goddess Bhoodevi are located on the left and right side of Lord Vishnu and measure 5/5 feet each. The idols of both goddesses are crafted to measure 3.25 feet and the dome above them is 6 feet tall. The Lord Garud and Lord Hanuman’s rooms measuring 3/3 feet and 2’1/2/2’1/2” feet have been constructed in front of gods and goddesses. Lord Garuda, (the Vahan, mount) is straight in front of Lord Vishnu whereas Lord Hanuman stands adjacent on his right-hand side, both measuring 2.25 feet tall. The height of the dome above these idols is four feet. The beautifully planned steel gate at the entrance is in a South Indian Style and measures 12/12 feet.

The entrances of all the sanctum-Santorums of the mandir have doors of Teak wood with meticulously engraved brass work. The measurement of sanctum Santorum doors is 2/1.5/5 feet for all the deities whereas God Venkateshwara’s is 4/7 feet.

Radha Maa a close friend and advisor of Dolly Mai has procured the idols from Namakkal, a place 60 km away from Salem District in Tamil Nadu. All the idols are made of a hard stone known as Krishnashila which is found only in South India. This stone is called granite and it is black in colour. Inside the Sanctorum, there is a granite platform measuring one foot. The pedestals for the placement of gods have been made of stone procured from Namakkal. Like this, the idols are placed 3.25 feet above the ground. The ornamentation of the gods and goddesses is the same as that of the deities in the temples of Southern India. The majestic god Balaji is known for his love for flowers.

Every day the deity is decorated with garlands made up of a variety of flowers. Lord Balaji Maharaj is dressed in a silk dhoti along with a silk gamchha. Goddess Padmavati and Goddess Bhudevi are decorated with silk sarees, Lord Garud is dressed in dhoti. The attire of the deities is referred to as “Angwastram”. The dim lights of the Sanctorum, where only God resides create an ambiance of absolute devotion. The beautiful Chandelier in the courtyard and the different lights create an atmosphere of “Sarve Sukhino Bhavantu” (Everyone is Happy)  

Workforce of Temple

The workforce of this Tirupati Balaji mandir in Delhi includes 2 priests (pandits), 2 sweepers, and 2 security guards. The priests have been allotted rooms in the modern temple complex.

If you are a devotee of Lord Vishnu and willing to contribute in favor of Mandir Nirman and want to make this Mandir a famous one, Come and join our community and become a valuable member. Your contribution will also assist us in keeping the temple open to the public as a place of prayer and community gathering place for future generations, as well as in fostering an environment that will benefit all living things and bring about the divine gifts of Vishnu. You do not have to pay much, its a just a little amount.

If you want to go to this temple in Delhi and are unable to find the direction, you can type Tirupati Balaji temple near me, or South Indian temples near me and you can get the correct direction to go with.