The Hindu Calendar: Your Reference Guide, Panchang

Panchang is both a scientific and spiritual calendar. In order to determine the auspicious time for numerous significant life events people have used the Panchang calendar since ancient times. Calculation of Panchang is highly accurate.

Meaning of Panchang

Panchang is a term which means Five Limbs in Sanskrit. These portions in a day depict the five limbs, which stand for the five sources of energy, both visible and invisible. In order to calculate the precise panchang for a given day, factors like location, time zone, date, and so forth are crucial. Tithi, Yoga, Vara, Nakshatra, and Karana are the five limbs of Panchang. Tithi (lunar day), Yoga (luni-solar day), Vara (weekday), Nakshatra (constellation), and Karana (the fifth attribute of the day) are the five elements that make up Panchangam (half of a lunar day). The term Muhurtham or Muhurat refers to the most suitable period that guarantees the perfect balancing of the five qualities. Using a Panchangam, astrologers determine the most auspicious times to hold various social and religious activities.

Uses of Panchang

The daily astrological calendar known as Panchang or Indian calendar. For astrologers and members of the Hindu community who use a day’s planetary position to determine auspicious timing, festivals, vrats, and shubh muhurat for any particular work or marriage, etc. The daily panchang is one of the most widely used reference books. 

The Panchang gives valuable information to astrologers and everyone who practices astrology by tabulating significant astrological data. The position of the Moon in India determines a person’s or a child’s rashi using Panchang.

History of Panchang

Over the past 5000 years, the document known as the Panchngam has been in use. In the past, numerous calendars, or Pachangas, were used in various parts of the nation as a result of the theories outlined in the two books Surya Siddhanta and Grahalaghava.

This famous 150-year-old Bengali Panjika served as the basis for this first-ever English panchang, which also explains in plain, understandable language what a panchang is, its many components mean, and how to utilize one.

What are the importance of Tithi in Hindu

Hinduism places a lot of importance on the date. Work is done according to the Tithi, Panchang, and Day in Hinduism. Each Tithi can last somewhere between 21.5 and 26 hours. Tithis is used to compute practically all Hindu religious festivals as well as the traditional Indian Hindu calendar. Tithis is used to determine auspicious mahurats in Hindu culture. Only four tithis are used to categorize all types of auspicious work.

Panchang Comprises of Planetary Positions

With the help of Panchang, we can check the planets and position them in various horoscope houses.  Star alignments happen when two bodies in the sky appear to be quite close to one another. The placement of these planets determines whether a native will have good or terrible results. While certain planetary alignments are favorable, others may be unfavorable. A Hindu daily calendar called Panchang or Panchangam is based on the positions of heavenly planets. 

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