 Timing of Abhishek is 06:30 am (you need to reach by 6:00 am)

You need to inform one week in  advance to get the Abhishek done
Abhishek happens only on Friday
During Abhishek Men have to wear Dhoti Kurta/ Kurta Pyjama and Women have to wear Saree or Suit
You need to inform us about the number of people you are accompanying.
Please Note: Video shoot of Abhisheka is available on demand, you need to inform while booking  (This shall be charged extra, charges to be disclosed post the booking, you will still have the option to cancel but need to inform us 24 hrs in advance)
(provided by temple)
1. Coconut Water, Milk. Curd, Ghee, Honey, Jaggery, Turmeric, Sandal, Kumkum (Saffron), Perfume (Attar), Betel Leaves, Clove, Cardamom, Nut (Supari),  Til Oil, Tulsi Garland, Flower Garland, Sweets and Fruits

How it works?

Once you are done with the payment repesentative from temple shall call and confirm the next available slot for ABHISHEKA and send the same to you email/whatsapp. If you wish to reschedule/cancel  ABHISHEKA, shall inform us 24hrs in advance.