Shravan will last two months in 2023

Historically, Sawan has been considered an auspicious month for Hindus, particularly Lord Shiva’s devotees. It is believed that during this time, Lord Shiva blesses his devotees with his divine grace and fulfills their wishes. Many people observe fasting and offer prayers to Lord Shiva throughout the month.

Hindus are preparing to commemorate the holy month of Sawan, also known as Sravana or Shravan, which is rapidly approaching. The Shrawan Maas (month) celebration, which honors Lord Shiva, is extremely important to Hindus, especially to Shiva followers. Millions of Hindus in India and other areas of the world observe this week as one of spiritual devotion, fasting, and celebration. Sawan typically occurs during the months of July and August, right when India’s monsoon season begins. The blessing of Lord Shiva and a sign of fresh life, rain is considered to be.

We are all aware that every four years there is a leap year, which has 29 days instead of 28 in February. Therefore, a leap year has 366 days as opposed to 365. When there are 13 months in a year rather than 12, something comparable occurs once every three years according to the Hindu calendar. It will continue to be the same in the forthcoming new year. The month of Shravan will remain longer in 2023—actually, it will be observed for two months—allowing Shiva worshippers to adore the god a little more than usual.

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Why the month of Shravan will last two months now without further ado!

The worshippers of Lord Shiva will have a great grins on their faces in the new year because they will have plenty of time to satisfy their Lord! In 2023, the month of Shravan, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva, will be observed for two months for the first time in around 19 years. The main cause of this is Malamas. On July 4th, 2023, Shravan or Sawan will begin, and it will last until August 31st, 2023. There will be 59 days in all, with eight Sawan Mondays or Somwars as opposed to the regular four each year. Due to a unique occurrence, the Shrawan celebrations this year will stretch for 59 days, giving Sawan special importance.

Every third year, according to the Vedic calendar, a new month is added. There will be 13 months this year rather than the customary 12 due to the presence of Adhik Maas. Regarding the lunar month and its attendant celebrations, this two-month Sawan is very significant.

What time is Sawan or Shravan?

The month of Sawan will begin on July 4 and go through August 31 this year. Therefore, Hindus are excited. This year is especially fortunate because of its remarkable 59-day length. After 19 years, it is an uncommon phenomenon that is taking place. The Adhik Maas or Mal Maas, according to astrological calculations and the Hindu calendar, has reportedly increased the length of the Sawan month for 2 months with 8 Sravan somvar.

Celebrations for Sawan

In addition to the Sawan Somwar vrats (fasts) honouring Lord Shiva and Maa Parvati, the Kanwar Yatra plays a big role in the Shravan celebrations. The practise entails Lord Shiva followers taking water from sacred rivers in little pots called Kanwars, dressing in saffron-colored clothing, and trekking to holy locations connected to Lord Shiva on foot to signify their devotion and dedication.

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